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SX-921S Fully automatic servo drive disposable plane mask machine
Features: Main machine (automatic folding/insert nose bridge/ultrasonic fusion of sheet edges/sheet cutting) combined with an ear line welding machine with counting and stacking. Upgraded machine is 7 servos instead of the cylinder, the machine performance is more stable, low maintenance costs. Smaller size saves space, make it easier for customers to install.
Parameters: Model: SX-921S
(1)Machine size: 4210mm long * 2280mm wide * 1985 high
(2) Total machine weight: about 1150KG
(3) Production mask specifications: 175mm * 95mm (adult)
(4) Production speed: 90 pcs / min (over 5400 pcs / hour)
(5) Power supply: single-phase AC 220V 50HZ 9.8KW
(6) Air source: 5 --- 7bar (air supply above 180L / min)
(7) Control method: PLC control + touch screen operation
mask specifications: maximum 3 layers, 175mm * 95mm .
raw material specifications: The outer layer is necessary waterproof non woven which always blue color, ---- 195mm * 36g , The middle melt-blown----195mm width* 28g , Inner layer is normal nonwoven---200mm * 18g. The thin rubber strip inside the mask to fix it on the bridge of the nose, general specifications: 110mm * 0.80mm etc
The machine power consumption in kilowatts: 10 kw *16-20 hours per day (maximum 20 hours). other consumption each month can be neglected!
Disposable flat medical masks for use after disinfection!
COVID-19, Wuhan coronavirus. Manufacture of disposable civilian / medical three-layer protective masks. surgical face mask making machine.

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