English  Fully automatic servo machine,melt blown,plane 3 layer nonwoven medical surgical mask

Fully automatic servo machine for plane disposable nonwoven medical surgical masks
Controlled by SERVOS, stable, low maintenance costs. over 90pc to 100pc per min. saves space, easier install!
Whole machine: 4210*2280*1985mm.
masks: max 4 layers, 175mm X 95mm.

outer layer, waterproof non woven which always blue color, 200mm * 36g
middle melt-blown,195 mm width* 28g
Inner layer,normal nonwoven,195 mm * 18g
nose bridge strip: 110 mm
components: Servo motor, stepper motor, Precision worm gear and worm reducer, Horizontal geared motor, Inverter, Speed control motors, Sets constant speed motors, PLC plus touch screen, Cylinder, electromagnetic valve, one continuous wave, two intermittent wave Ultrasonic welding

Automatic tension control and Photoelectric detection for raw materials, reducing waste, sound-activated alarm prompts and shutdown;
stack counting,set quantity between 1-100pc,easy to connect subsequent process of sterilization, disinfection,packaging;
aluminum alloy, sheet metal,chrome-plated steel, which nice appearance and durable, antirust, environmental protection;
operated by 2 people, one watch the machine running and replacing the raw material roll; one collect masks for sterilized, packagings.
the linear bearings, linear guide rails need to be lubricated with special lubricants.
during high-strength production, the cutting knife need to be checked if there is abrasion every two days. It needs to replace if it is abrasion.
The gear / chain transmission part should be lubricated with grease every half month, and check the chain for looseness. If it is loose, adjust the tension.
Before starting the machine, manually check whether the ear-line scissors can cut ear loop quickly.
Vulnerable parts:
Nose bridge cutter, sheet forming cutter, ear loop scissors. Some pneumatic parts (cylinder, pneumatic finger, solenoid valve, etc.)
isolate coronavirus.

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